Cardiac Sciences


Non-Intervention Cardiology

The DESUN Cardiology team is headed by eminent doctors, experienced in both Government hospitals and private institutions, who blend clinical experience with a high level of expertise to bring you world-class cardiology services. Patients can also consult visiting cardiologists at the hospital's Out-Patients' Department (OPD). Wherever necessary, consultations with doctors/referrals may be made to enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Cardiac treatment is backed by a full range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Apart from the routine Treadmill, Echo-Cardiography and Colour Doppler studies, DESUN also performs Radial Angioplasty and Radial Angiography with Stenting which is a rare phenomenon in this part of the country.


Radial Angiography

Here the catheter is guided through the wrist instead of the thigh. It is a relatively new process and DESUN is one of the few hospitals in Kolkata where radial angiography is being performed very successfully as a routine. It is relatively less painful than conventional Angiography and overnight hospital stay is also not required. At DESUN we have the necessary expertise and equipment to perform such a complicated procedure with ease and patients can go home after 6 hrs of the procedure.


Coronary Angiography (CAG)

A special X-Ray of the blood vessels of the heart is taken with the help of specialised equipment. DESUN has a state-of-the-art Digital Cathlab by Philips to perform this procedure.


Radial Angioplasty

We are one of the first hospitals in Kolkata to have performed radial angioplasty successfully. Here the catheter is first guided through the wrist and then standard Angioplasty procedures are followed. It reduces the chances of infection and haemorrhage substantially.

The Cathlab at DESUN permits techniques such as Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty, Balloon Valvuloplasty etc. which do not require full surgical intervention, along with other sophisticated investigations for the first time in Kolkata.

2 nos of sophiscated Cathlabs with state of the art equipments are available round the clock.


Permanent Pacemaker (PPM)

A Pacemaker is an electronic device placed in the heart, below the skin, to generate heartbeats when the heart is unable to generate them normally.

DESUN provides a comprehensive range of heart-care services for people of all age groups. It is your best choice for a front-line hospital in Kolkata where a cardiac patient can arrive at Emergency and be assured of a prompt treatment.


Cardiac Surgery

DESUN can justifiably claim to have one of the finest cardiac surgery teams in India. Led by renowned doctors, the members of the team are senior surgeons and anesthetists who have pioneered several new surgical techniques over the last few years.

Out of the total number of critical-care beds, 90 are devoted to cardio-thoracic surgery patients. Of the total number of operating theatres, 2 are dedicated to cardiac surgery for undertaking surgeries ranging from valve replacements to correction of congenital defects to by-pass etc.

Surgical expertise is backed up by sophisticated post-operative care, ensuring that DESUN is one of the best centers for high-risk cardiac surgeries.

DESUN is the first hospital in East India to have the highly advanced steel modular operating theatres that are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art instrument for the convenience of the surgeons which makes chances of infection much less and allows the surgical team to operate with less fatigue.

The aim is not just to prolong life, but also to ensure that all normal activities can be resumed as quickly as possible.


Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG)

CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS SURGERY or CABG, is a surgical procedure by which the surgeon re-routes or "bypasses" the blood around blocked arteries by means of a new artery (taken from the body itself) to improve the blood flow to the heart. An improved and latest method being currently used at DESUN is Beating Heart Bypass Surgery where, as the name implies, the heart is not artificially paralysed, but the surgeon operates as the heart continues to beat normally.


Open Heart Surgery

Open-heart surgery generally refers to operations performed on the heart by cutting open the chest. DESUN regularly performs a large number of such surgeries with a very high success rate.


Valve Replacement with Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery is a breakthrough approach to treating heart valve diseases. Rather than making a large incision through the breastbone (sternum) to gain access to the heart, this method uses sophisticated instruments to perform the surgery through a smaller incision at the side of the chest.

Minimally invasive valve surgeries performed at DESUN include:

  • Aortic valve repair or replacement
  • Mitral valve repair and replacement
  • Tricuspid valve repair or replacement
  • Minimally invasive surgery has many benefits, including the following:

  • Faster recovery and a quicker return to normal activities
  • Less time spent in the hospital
  • Small incisions that result in little to no scarring. Depending upon the procedure, incisions may be four to five dime-size slits or a 3- to 5-inch incision at the side of the chest.
  • Significantly less pain, with many patients able to control pain with Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain medicines
  • Because the breastbone (sternum) remains intact, patients avoid the risk for infection and other complications associated with cutting it (sternotomy) that may occur with traditional open-chest procedures


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