• Malati Barman has praised Desun Hospital Siliguri service, facilities, medical staff and doctors.
  • Nidra Roy mother of Mithun Roy availed the health care and health check facilities at DesunHospital Siliguri and they have all good to say about Desun. They have appreciated the medical facilities and health infrastructure. Mithun Roy learned about Desun from News media.
  • Kedar Nath Burmon on his first hospital visit in India from Bangladesh availed health check facilities at DESUN Hospital Siliguri and he was very satisfied with the entire process and procedure at the hospital.
  • Jagdeep Sinha finds the treatment and cleanliness at DESUN Hospital upto his level of expectation. He also appreciated the well behaved medical team members’ and hospital staff.
  • Champa Patowari finds DESUN hospital to be great place for medical treatment. She over all gives high rating to the hospital cleanliness, safety and behaviour of the hospital staff. She is very satisfied.
  • Narayan Chandra is very sattified with DESUN Hospital Siliguri.
  • Darendranath Roy is all praise for DESUN Hospital Siliguri . He particularly mentions the DESUN Siliguri unique Express Medical Service feature of completing specialist doctor visit, appropriate medical tests and report analysis and getting all medicines on the same date and within few hours allowing patients to visit hospital in the morning and reach home by evening. He has also appreciated the behaviour of the hospital staff, comfort and facilities at DESUN Siliguri.